Diabetes Program

  • Diabetic Foot Health: Nail Trimming; Foot Exams to assess factors such as foot structure, neuropathy, circulation, and any existing foot conditions
  • Diabetic Retinal Eye Screening
  • Diabetes Education
  • Virtual ADCES Accredited Diabetes Classes

Cooking Classes

Taking healthy cooking classes can provide numerous benefits for managing or preventing diabetes. These classes focus on teaching individuals how to prepare nutritious meals that promote stable blood sugar levels and overall health. Participating in healthy cooking classes equips individuals with practical skills, nutritional knowledge, and a supportive community. These benefits can contribute significantly to managing and preventing diabetes by promoting healthier eating habits, better blood sugar control, weight management, and overall well-being.

  • Classes are held every third Wednesday of each month
  • All materials are provided by TNH

Shoe Program

Special footwear with features such as cushioning, support, and flexibility that can benefit individuals with diabetes are available to patients. These shoes often prioritize comfort, stability, and proper fit, which are important considerations for individuals who may have foot sensitivity, neuropathy, or other foot-related complications associated with diabetes.


Shoe Program Eligibility/Rules/Regulations: 

  1. New TNH patients and patients newly diagnosed with diabetes must have a 3-month and 6-month appointment scheduled with their provider after their initial diagnosis before being provided a pair of shoes.  
  2. Existing diabetic patients must have attended 2 appointments with bloodwork within the calendar year in order to receive shoes.  
  3. Patient must receive full diabetes care from TNH. This includes follow-ups every 3-6 months with their provider, depending on needs, and regular complete bloodwork as prescribed. 
  4. Patients who receive diabetes care elsewhere may not participate in shoe program, as this can potentially be dangerous to their care.
  5. A foot exam will be required in order to receive a pair of shoes.
  6. Patients will be provided a maximum of 2 pairs of shoes per year, no closer than 6 months apart.  
  7. Shoes are distributed as they are available, therefore limiting the ability to offer preference in color or type.

Appointment Policies

All appointments must be canceled at least 48 hours prior to appointment to be considered in good standing with Medical Health programs. Failure to do so may inhibit your ability to schedule ahead for an extended period of time. To cancel or reschedule, please call (214)-941-1050 or click here